SMS Marketing

These are the recent changes to the biteSMS application.

Version 8.3

6 August 2014
  • NEW: In the conversation list, added some bling to the boring grey contact pics (for contacts with no pic)! Life shouldn't be dull... (see Settings > More Stuff > Contact Pics).
  • NEW: Orientation lock feature for QR and QC. See bite > Settings > More Stuff > Orientation Lock
  • Bunch of theme enhancements.
  • Bunch of bug fixes.

Version 8.2

15 April 2014
  • Added support for THEMES! Loads of themes in biteSMS > Settings > Themes
  • Much improved iPad support.
  • Landscape support for Quick Compose & Quick Reply.
  • When typing in Quick Reply the text you type now honors the Text Size specified in biteSMS > Settings > Quick Reply
  • Heap of bug fixes, thanks for helping us!

SALE: to celebrate THEMING we are offering biteSMS for the month of April for a SALE price of US$4.95. Enjoy the themes, express yourself give it some bling!

Note: For iOS 6 users, in effect you are installing Release 7.5 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.

Version 8.1

10 March 2014
  • NEW: Passcode Lock feature for the biteSMS app and Quick Reply.
  • NEW: Message Alerts toggle via Flipswitch (firstly install FlipControlCenter).
  • NEW: Copy to Clipboard feature. Try it, Convo > [Contact] > [Clipboard Icon]
  • Heap of bug fixes, thanks for helping us!

Note: For iOS 6 users, in effect you are installing Release 7.5 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.

Version 8.0

18 February 2014
  • First public release for iOS 7 devices INCLUDING iPhone 5S (ARM 64 devices).

Tip: Settings are in the search bar, swipe down in the Messages list to reveal.

Note: For iOS 6 users, in effect you are installing Release 7.5 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.

Version 7.5

29 April 2013
  • Big performance increase when starting up biteSMS. It’s now 100% the same speed as the native Messages app.
  • Fixed all issues associated with old messages appearing in Quick Reply.
  • Fixed all issues associated with messages not always appearing in the biteSMS application.
  • Fixed all scheduling issues.
  • Fixed iMessage multi-media Apple bug.
  • Improved LockInfo compatibility.
  • QC and QR now display the Delivered or Read status of the last iMessage in the previous messages pull down.
  • Inside biteSMS you can now pull down the keyboard from the blue title bar when you’re typing a long message and cannot see the bubbles anymore.
  • Fixed up a bunch of crash reports and all known reported bugs.

This is the fastest and most stable production release of biteSMS yet - Enjoy!

Version 7.4

  • Fixed up a bunch of issues associated with scheduling messages.
  • Searching from spotlight now works correctly.
  • Added group name in QR and QC pull down for group messages.
  • Quick Compose and Quick Reply now grow if required to maximize space on iPhone 5.
  • Added 3 settings to control the ‘X’ clear icon for incoming messages on the Lock Screen, Notification Center and Banner. See biteSMS, Settings, Quick Reply, Lock Mode and Unlock Mode.
  • Fixed up a whole heap of crashes.
  • Bunch of minor bug fixes (IX compatibility, facebook contact pics, MMS, Keyboard disappearing on lock screen, animated GIFs, themes, scheduled icon in pull down)

Note: You must upgrade to 7.4 before raising bug or crash reports, as this release fixes most known issues.

Version 7.3

7 February 2013
  • Whole heap of bug and crash fixes! (thanks for all those who helped locate and report issues). Got a lot of crashes fixed here.
  • Fixed issue in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, where at times the NC would slide away preventing the keyboard from being used.
  • Fixed issue in QR and QC where the pull down curtain to view previous messages was not marking messages as read.
  • Fixed some theme related issues.

Version 7.2

4 February 2013
  • iPhone 5 compatibility!

Note: The first time you install biteSMS it asks for access to your Contacts, you must say YES. Then you need to restart biteSMS (kill from dock) before the contact names will appear instead of contact numbers. This is a once-off issue only. We are trying to locate a permanent coding fix for this.

Version 7.1

12 December 2012
  • Fixed issue impacting iOS 5 users only (compiler problem).

Version 7.0

12 December 2012
  • iOS 6 compatibility. Polished, Optimised and Ready!
  • Command line interface now supports iMessage (run as *mobile* user):
  • /Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite|-iMessage] to_address text_msg

  • We now use the facebook contact picture if your local address contact pic is not set.
  • Links colours now work properly in biteSMS themes.

Note: For iOS 5 users, in effect you are installing Release 6.3 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.

Note: For iOS 4 users, in effect you are installing Release 5.5 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.


Version 6.3

20 August 2012
  • Check out biteSMS, Settings, Themes...NICE!!!
  • Added a 'mark as read' icon in the Apple banner roll notification.
  • Added the ability to display the contact pic in the 'Lock Screen Notification List' (see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics).
  • Better control of Quick Reply. See biteSMS, Settings, Quick Reply: Lock Mode and Unlock Mode.
  • Fixed a whole heap of layout issues on the iPad.
  • Fixed up issue with very new iPhones (currently in China) in relation to Emoji character encoding.
  • For iOS 5.1: Fixed bug in Quick Compose volume HUD where we were restoring the wrong volume category.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs.


Version 6.2

4 April 2012
  • FINALLY! Added Camera and Photo icon (via biteSMS pop-up menu) so you can easily send photo's in Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Added an 'Opt Out' of a conversation feature. Ideal for spam or group messages or even keeping a 'quiet' conversation. Long holding on a conversation toggles notification alerts on or off.
  • Added a 'Copy to Clipboard' feature. Ever wanted to copy an entire conversation and then for example email a copy of it. It's easy now using biteSMS, go into any conversation (tap the status bar to go to top of convo) then tap [Copy to Clipboard].
  • Tapping the biteSMS status bar icon now launches Quick Reply if there's just one pending message (otherwise slides open the Notification Center).
  • Added Orientation Lock for Quick Compose and Quick Reply. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff.
  • Added ability to specify a group message contact pic. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff > Contact Pics.
  • Much better integration with Siri for iPhone 4S devices.
  • Now compliant with iOS 5.1.
  • Added some simple theme support. There is a file you can create and edit to specify the color of the QR and QC text fields. Only create the file and add details for fields you want to change.

  • The file is /Applications/ (this file is not there as we don’t want to overwrite it for each release).
    You need to create it for your own purposes. However there is a QR-theme.example for reference purposes).
  • Bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements.

HOT NEWS: For the month of April we are offering a 40% discount on biteSMS licenses! So please consider supporting us. See biteSMS > Settings > Buy License

Note: For iOS 4 users, in effect you are installing Release 5.5 of biteSMS and don't get any new features.

Note: For iOS 3 users, in effect you are installing Release 4.8 of biteSMS and don't get any new features.

Version 6.1

19 December 2011
  • iOS 5 compatibility, works on iPhone and iPod devices. Fully integrated with all iOS 5 features including iMessaging and Notification Center.
  • NEW Look Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • NEW Passcode lock feature inside Quick Reply.
  • NEW Ability to use the native Messages icon instead of the biteSMS one.
  • Bug fixes from iOS 6.0 release

Note: For iOS 4 users, in effect you are installing Release 5.5 of biteSMS and don't get any new features.

Note: For iOS 3 users, in effect you are installing Release 4.8 of biteSMS and don't get any new features.

Note: There is no 'Hide Contact' feature or 'TextFreek Integration' in this iOS 5 version of biteSMS.

Version 6.0

16 December 2011
  • iOS 5 compatibility, works on iPhone and iPod devices. Fully integrated with all iOS 5 features including iMessaging and Notification Center.
  • NEW Look Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • NEW Passcode lock feature inside Quick Reply.
  • NEW Ability to use the native Messages icon instead of the biteSMS one.

Note: For iOS 4 users, in effect you are installing Release 5.5 of biteSMS and don't get any new features.

Version 5.5

15 July 2011
  • Now JailbreakMe 3.0 compatible.

Version 5.4

30 June 2011
  • Fixed cannot launch issues with 3G and earlier 3GS phones.
  • Fixed crashes associated with Phone Calls / FaceTime and Quick Reply.
  • Fixed up send button crash.
  • Fixed issue with Quick Reply jumping 1 pixel and delay in clearing the biteSMS credit counter.
  • Added a '-textfreek' argument to the command line feature, notation is /Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite|-textfreek] to_address text_msg

Version 5.3

14 June 2011
  • Quick Reply now shows MMS picture(s).
  • Quick Reply pull-down curtain also shows MMS pictures.
  • In Quick Reply, for MMS pictures simply tap to view in full screen (on lock and unlock screens), tap to return. zoom in, out, scroll etc.
  • Improved Quick Reply, such that the text field grows as you type more lines.
  • Added 'Auto-Forward SMS' feature, redirect your incoming SMS messages to another phone!
  • Added 'Repeat Alert' option in biteSMS > Settings > Ringtones (Once, Twice....10 Times).
  • Added 'Open to List' feature (when pressing biteSMS icon, the conversation list only will open).
  • Added 'Auto Show Recents' feature in Quick Compose. See biteSMS > Settings > Quick Compose.
  • Added 'Quick Switch' menu feature when long holding on the [send] button.
  • Added 'Mark all Read' feature in Quick Reply and Compose for the pull down Previous Messages feature.
  • biteSMS now properly supports the 'Large Text' feature in Apple Settings > Accessibility.
  • When long holding a bubble to show the timestamp we show the text in orange for TextFreek sent and received messages (for new messages only).
  • Added a new Quick Reply setting 'Show MMS'. This is to allow those users on carrier networks (e.g. AT&T) to turn off MMS in Quick Reply as it causes an issue with Group messaging.
  • Added a paste feature to Quick Compose in the 'To:' field.
  • Send from command line (log in as mobile user):

  • /Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite] to_address text_msg
    For example: /Applications/ -send -bite +6151846910 "hello mum"
  • Performance improvements inside the biteSMS application.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Version 5.2

29 March 2011
  • TextFreek integration (text for FREE!!!) - See biteSMS, Settings, TextFreek.
  • iOS 4.3 compatibility.
  • New feature for the default send method to be 'Remember per Contact'. Especially useful when you’d like to switch to using the biteSMS network for specific friends (say international or not included in your carriers unlimited plan).
  • Added ringtone support for iOS 4.2.1 such that biteSMS now interacts correctly with the new iOS per contact ringtone feature.
  • For biteSMS Ringtones (packaged or in directory structure) the volume is now reduced by 50% if headphones are plugged-in.
  • With privacy set, the [Open] and [Call] buttons should display as active / inactive as expected.
  • Fixed up bug when composing a new scheduled message it did not always show the scheduled clock icon.

Version 5.1

31 January 2011
  • Now fully iOS 4.2.1 compliant.
  • Great new Privacy feature, allows you to easily hide any of your conversations for complete privacy and reveal them as required (or simply to blacklist them). See biteSMS, Settings, Hide Contact for details.
  • Enhanced Quick List - We now show the full text message in the Quick List (unless it doesn't fit on the screen, in which case we show 3 lines per message).
  • O Yeh….NICE! Quick Reply, change the size of the message text. See Settings, Quick Reply.
  • You can now control the display order of messages in Quick List. See Settings, Quick List.
  • Added an "All Timestamps" setting. You guessed it! If set, shows timestamps against every message.
  • In biteSMS, Settings, Passcode Lock, added a new preference "Require Passcode" Immediately, After 1 minute, 3 minutes...etc.
  • Improved the Quick Compose and Quick Reply typing speed and general performance.
  • Any m4r files in the /Applications/ folder will now appear in the "biteSMS Ringtones" list. So you can use any of your own custom created ones!
  • Added a FaceTime button in both Quick Compose and Quick Reply. This feature is ONLY for iOS 4.1 users and above.
  • The LockInfo app "Favorites Text Message" feature now opens biteSMS.
  • Added a swivel animation for the conversation contact pic when pressed.
  • Added a "Reset All" option in biteSMS, Settings, About screen. Removes all preferences, license and credit information.
  • Added a "Clear Failed Indicator" option in biteSMS, Settings, About screen.
  • Added the ability to delete all credits for a number (right swipe) on Settings, Credits / License / Ads page (e.g. if selling phone).
  • Added a warning in the Quick Reply settings page if the SBSettings toggle has been turned off (usually accidentally).
  • Fixed all known issues.

Version 5.0

14 October 2010
  • Ringtones for SMS and MMS messages configurable per contact!!! Choose any Native SMS sound, Native Phone Ringtone, iTune Ringtone or biteSMS pre-packaged ringtone.
  • Quick Reply and Quick Compose Previous Messages feature!! Slide the little curtain bar to view (20) previous messages, single tap it to open full height and single tap to dismiss. Or just drag it up and down. Even drag it down a little and keep typing!
  • Retry on Failed feature, so that you can press [Send] and now rely on it actually getting sent!
  • Now biteSMS is iOS 4.1 compatible.
  • Added Contact picture in the conversation screen - done really nicely of course!
  • Added Bluetooth Keyboard support for the biteSMS application. [Send] = Shift Return and [Messages] = Command Left. In addition the pop-up menu now displays correctly.
  • Improved the Quick Call aspect of Quick Compose, such that now you can hit the favs icon and quickly make a phone call.
  • Added a new feature in Quick Compose to "Auto Show Favs".
  • Added support for Skype from Quick Compose and Quick Reply (new Skype button).
  • Support either (or none) Apple’s character counter or the biteSMS character counter. In some specific languages (e.g. Korean) Apple has better counter support for special characters.
  • We no longer show the contact picture in Quick Reply if the privacy settings are such that the name is hidden.
  • Improved iPhone 4 graphics.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and also did some layout refinements.

Note: No changes for iOS 3 users.

Version 4.99

23 August 2010
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Facebook for all iOS 3 and iOS 4 devices - UPDATE NOW!

Version 4.98

3 August 2010
  • A heap of updated (hi-res) graphics and an updated icon for the fantastic iPhone 4 screen - so crisp!
  • For the iPhone 4 contact pics are now displayed in high resolution.
  • Improved the quality of the border around the Quick Reply contact pic, now looks really nice...
  • A bunch of minor bug fixes.

Note: No changes for iOS 3 users.

You can now follow biteSMS on Twitter!

Version 4.97

28 July 2010
  • By popular demand added a Tap HUD on the lock screen to launch Quick Compose.
  • Spotlight searching now works perfectly with biteSMS!
  • 95% of hi-res images for iPhone 4 (you gotta love that phone!) now completed.
  • Polished up the rotation animations for Quick Compose and Quick Reply, such that these are now 100% complete in both lock and unlock modes.
  • Fixed up issue for users using the Apple Alert in lock screen mode and Quick Reply in unlock mode. Now upon "slide to view" it opens Quick Reply (as it used to).
  • Fixed bug where pressing the volume rocker (in locked mode) could cause Quick Compose to appear twice.
  • Fixed Quick Reply forwarding issue not always working correctly.
  • Fixed some display quirks after failing to send a message associated with Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Fixed issue with the "Delay Sending" feature whereby the message would not be sent if you exited biteSMS during the delay period.
  • Fixed issue with "Currently Used" messages count not being incremented correctly if used with the accents/diacritics feature enabled.

Note: No changes for iOS 3 users.

You can now follow biteSMS on Twitter!

Version 4.96

12 July 2010
  • Fixed a number of orientation issues with Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Polished up the animations for Quick Compose and Quick Reply, such that these are now 100% complete in the lock screen mode. Unlock screen mode is still being worked on.
  • Fixed up all known issues with the Apple passcode interaction on lock screen with Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • The biteSMS pop-up (smileys etc) now fades in and out, instead of just appearing suddenly (thanks @cdevwill).
  • Fixed crash issue that impacted some users when pressing the "Messages" button to navigate back to the conversation list.
  • Fixed up some more issues associated with signatures.

Note: No changes for iOS 3 users.

You can now follow biteSMS on Twitter!

Version 4.95

8 July 2010
  • Fixed all known issues with Drafts and Backgrounder consistencies in conversation list and conversations.
  • A nice NEW feature for all those users who have been so patient with the iOS 4 bugs. You can now backspace in Quick Compose to quickly get back to the "To:" field. Makes it much easier to change the recipient name. Settings->Quick Compose->Backspace to "To:" default OFF.
  • Fixed Quick Reply issue when there was more than 3 lines of text in landscape mode.
  • Cursor no longer disappears in Quick Compose.
  • There is no longer any "cannot use Keyboard" delay when Quick Compose is invoked. So now it’s quicker to use.
  • Fixed issue, whereby you could touch the "Contact Name" area on Quick Reply and it would incorrectly dismiss the alert.
  • Fixed a number of issues with signatures containing special characters, like smileys or brackets.
  • Fixed issue where biteSMS Passcode (if set) did not always appear if you opened the native Messaging app.
  • Fixed issue where [Open] in Quick Compose and Quick Reply and Contacts (etc) did not prompt for biteSMS Passcode (if set).
  • For incoming MMS messages the badge is now correctly shown on the biteSMS icon not the native Messaging one.

The above fixes are all for iOS 4 issues. The only change for iOS 3 is a fix whereby the Quick List icon did not always function correctly for a limited number of users.

Version 4.93

1 July 2010
  • Lots of fixes in relation to the biteSMS conversation list and conversation contents now being consistent when opened after backgrounded via multi-tasking.
  • Contact pics are now displayed much FASTER and are cropped and scaled correctly.
  • Passcode feature in biteSMS now works correctly (except when using open from QC and QR).
  • Some draft bugs are fixed, but still lots to do.

Note: For existing users on iOS 3, this release is functionally the same as biteSMS 4.8 apart from some minor bug fixes.

Version 4.92

28 June 2010
  • Fixed issue where the Quick List icon kept shifting around on the status bar.
  • Fixed issue where long contact names were overlapping the boundaries of the Quick Reply alert.
  • Fixed issue when going from Quick List to Quick Reply with draft text entered, the hide keyboard icon was incorrectly shown.
  • To dismiss Quick Reply back to the Quick List you must now press the Quick List icon and not just anywhere outside the Quick Reply alert. So in effect this now works like it did prior to iOS 4.
  • Fixed centering of the text in the Settings, Passcode Lock screen.

Lots more to do, we’ll keep pushing out 4.93…4.94 etc until all iOS 4 bugs have been fixed....getting there!

Note: For existing users on iOS 3, this release is functionally the same as biteSMS 4.8 apart from some minor bug fixes.

Version 4.91

25 June 2010
  • The Quick List icon on the status bar now also works in App Store applications - so now works everywhere!
  • QC, QR and QL mostly now displays properly in Landscape mode (still some refinements required for the animations).
  • Fixed signature issues.
  • Minor other bug fixes and polishing.

Lots more to do, we’ll keep pushing out 4.92…4.93…4.94 etc until all bugs fixed. Then we can all relax and focus on features in Release 5.

Note: For existing users on iOS 3, this release is functionally the same as biteSMS 4.8 apart from some minor bug fixes.

Version 4.9

22 June 2010
  • biteSMS now works on the recently released Apple iOS 4 Software Update!!!

For existing users on OS 3, this release is functionally the same as biteSMS 4.8 apart from some minor bug fixes.

It’s not a perfect release for iOS 4, but it’s there! We’ll continue to fix up bugs this week. If you find any on iOS 4 please email me at [email protected]

Version 4.8

25 May 2010
  • It's all about the NEW LOOK Quick Reply, including contact picture and timestamp - really COOL and great animations, check it out!!!
  • Added Activator support, done nicely of course.
  • Added back the delivery prefix feature (removed in Release 4.7) - mostly for UK O2 users. So biteSMS now supports the iPhoneDelivery application and Prefixes.
  • When pressing Quick List with only one message pending, Quick Reply will now open, so less touch events.
  • In the biteSMS app, the contact pictures now have nice rounded corners.
  • Improved the speed of touch events and animations when using Quick Reply and Quick Compose buttons.
  • Improved Privacy support in the new Quick Reply.
  • You can now tap the Quick List icon when a Quick Reply is displayed - this in effect does a Later action for you.
  • For Google "ad clicks" that result in the display of a web page we no longer exit out of biteSMS, but instead render the web page inside biteSMS.
  • Fixed up bugs with the "Currently Used" messages counter for messages sent via your mobile carrier.
  • Fixed up a bunch of other bugs and inconsistences.

Just to let you know that for the upcoming Apple Firmware 4.0 Release in June, biteSMS will be ready! We have completed most of the work, and are in the final testing stages. So expect a biteSMS release 4.9 very soon!

This should be the best, most stable release of biteSMS yet, so thanks for all your support!!!

Version 4.7

15 April 2010
  • Quick List feature. From the biteSMS status bar icon, easily display and action your unread SMS messages.
  • A license is no longer required to use biteSMS, if you don’t have a license or credits you will be shown ads instead. The intent is that those who can't afford / don't want to pay can at least help in supporting the biteSMS team by accepting the ads.
  • Delivery Reports, done really nicely with icons!

  • Quick Reply now has 9 action buttons you can use. Simply configure (displayed or not, display order and gesture) in Settings, Quick Reply, Configure Buttons.

    For example, my top 3 Quick Reply buttons are [Later] [Popup] [Send], and I can still swipe left & right in the Quick Reply window to make use of the other 6 buttons!!!

  • As above, but 6 action buttons for Quick Compose.
  • In Settings, Quick Reply, Configure Buttons you can choose the required action for the "Red X" icon or the Home button, as either Close (mark as read) or Later (leave unread) or no action.
  • Quick Compose now remembers the recipient and text you entered (within 5 minutes or until sent), so you can exit Quick Compose do something else and then come back and complete your message.
  • Added Pocket Protection feature (Settings, Lock Screen Mode, Features). Set this to off if you would like all the Quick Reply buttons to be active without needing to tap in the text field. I love this feature!
  • New settings "Lock Screen Mode >" and "Unlock Screen Mode >", allows you to quickly manage and visualize the settings for these two very different modes.

    For example, want to use just Quick List in lock screen mode with no SMS alerts? It’s now easy to configure!

  • If you are in Quick List, Quick Compose or Quick Reply and an incoming SMS arrives, it no longer "takes over the screen" it simply gets added to the Quick List (after appropriate sound and vibrate).
  • The "Tap for Quick Compose" HUD now starts to fade immediately (still takes time to fade but starts straight away not 1.5 seconds later)
  • Under the group Carrier SMS Plan in settings, the "Plan Includes" and "Currently Used" counters are now 5-digits instead of 4.
  • Added a Forum link in the Settings, About page.
  • Fixed up the Quick Compose HUD click sound file, so it can now be customized via Winterboard.
  • Fixed up issue where Quick Compose and Quick Reply could make future Apple alerts on the SpringBoard appear in landscape mode.

Version 4.6

12 February 2010
  • Templates!!
  • Scheduled SMS - Ability to schedule an SMS message for a future date and time, say your partners Birthday!!
  • For Quick Compose, you can now configure your "Button Display Order", "Displayed or Not" and "Gesture" preferences for the existing Open, Call and Send buttons.
  • For Quick Compose, you can now also configure a "Close" button and remove the Red X icon if you prefer.
  • The Quick Compose Button configurations mentioned above can also be tailored in Quick Reply as well.
  • Completely redesigned the privacy settings screen, so privacy outcomes are now much clearer and are also implemented properly.
  • The camera icon (3G only) is now used as a quick launch method for adding Photos, Smileys, Templates and Add Contact details.
  • On the biteSMS icon, we now show a failed ! symbol if a message has failed to send in the last week. This may mean that when you first upgrade to this release it will not be easy to locate any indicated failed message, so simply ignore it for a few days till you have a base line.
  • Added new graphic icons to the biteSMS pop-up sub-menu (the one with Smileys, Templates etc).
  • Added support for the Apple "Repeat Alert" feature. So this feature now works in biteSMS as well.
  • In settings, if you have purchased biteSMS credits, we now show the expiry date of the credits. Applies to new credit purchases only (for existing credit purchases simply use the "Restore >" option to update this expiry information).
  • For an incoming call, Quick Compose will now not appear if you press the volume key (to silence the incoming call) in lock mode.
  • If your mobile carrier supports sending an SMS to an email address (and it currently works for you in the biteSMS application) this will now also work in Quick Compose as well. So, it's quick and easy to send yourself an email reminder!
  • Added new setting for Quick Compose and Quick Reply to enable / disable the CLOSE action for the hardware home button.
  • If you locked your iPhone while biteSMS was running, then upon unlock it would restart (to ensure conversations were synchronized). This has now been reworked and thus biteSMS no longer restarts itself.
  • Fixed issue where some users did not get the badge on the biteSMS icon being updated correctly after using Quick Reply.
  • When biteSMS is invoked to compose a new message (say from the Contacts app) for a specific recipient, this did not work with the backgrounder application. This now works.

Version 4.5

15 December 2009
  • NEW Cool Searching feature..
  • Ability to Cancel a message while it's sending!
  • Added a toggle for SBSettings – called "SMS Alerts". Great for privacy, or while you are busy and don't want to be disturbed.
  • Improved call handling, so that Quick Compose and Quick Reply interact in a much better fashion with incoming calls.
  • Enhancements to Privacy so that privacy is improved when using Quick Reply when in the unlock mode. Privacy can now also be used with Quick Reply in the lock screen as well.
  • Existing landscape settings have been refined into a new "Orientation" setting allowing specific control for biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply. Can individually be set to auto rotate, portrait or landscape mode.
  • Added support for biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply to honor the SBSettings Rotation Inhibitor toggle.
  • Fixed quiet volume for incoming messages when in the home screen (it was always fine in the lock screen).
  • Added new Quick Compose setting "Mobile Contacts Only", which restricts list of contacts shown to those with just mobile type numbers.
  • In Quick Compose, the cursor now automatically jumps to the text field after user enters a single contact name (as you do this more often than sending to groups).
  • You can now access the cut&paste menu in the Quick Reply message text.
  • Added back the Release 4.3 feature "Slide to View".
  • When forwarding a message, formatting of blank lines etc was lost, this is fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Privacy not working when the Quick Reply feature was turned off.
  • Fixed issue where contact picture was lost when forwarding a message (only impacted Firmware 3.1.2)
  • Fixed issue where text was lost when phone was locked, then unlocked

Version 4.4.1

12 November 2009
  • Fixed issue where text was lost when phone is locked, then unlocked
  • Fixed various problems when biteSMS is running and Quick Replying on lock screen
  • Fixed issue where contact picture was lost when forwarding (on iPhone 3.1.2 only)
  • Fixed issue where Quick Compose would not come up and the screen would not dim after receiving a call

Version 4.4

4 November 2009
  • Added Quick Reply in lock screen mode!!!
  • Added landscape support for Quick Reply and Quick Compose.
  • Quick Reply now grows to be as large as the screen (as required) to display as much of the incoming message text as possible. The intent is to minimize the scrolling required to read large messages. Works the same in lock-screen mode as well.
  • Added support to allow MMS messages to be sent via the biteSMS network (so pink send button) for Germany (other countries coming soon). Please note only with T-Mobile is the senderID kept intact, for other networks it's a static value (so you'd need to put your name or number in the MMS message itself).
  • Added support to allow a user to quickly purchase credits (or a license) inside the biteSMS application (biteSMS->Settings->Buy).
  • Added a new setting in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, called "Lock Screen Dim", which controls if the screen automatically dims after sending a message (or exiting for Quick Reply). Only applies if there are no other pending SMS messages to action.
  • If an SMS was received with a short senderID, e.g. "mts" then biteSMS would not open to that conversation, instead incorrectly opening to the compose new message screen.
  • Fixed issue that Accents / Diacritics feature was not working in the biteSMS application (but worked fine in Quick Compose and Quick Reply).
  • When using the iPod application and toggling the mute control to bring up the Quick Compose HUD, we now set the volume correctly.
  • Added the "Flash" animation when switching between Carrier and biteSMS networks (by long pressing send button) in landscape mode.
  • Ensure uppercase and lowercase Ç is treated as a unicode character (simply because some carriers confuse the two).
  • Fixed Quick Compose issue, when the Cut&Paste menu was displayed and a user tapped in the text field, the menu would not go away.
  • When tapping in the bubble area, the keyboard now slides away instead of just disappearing.
  • Changed incorrect smiley - see
  • Fixed issue in Quick Compose with the international default, whereby the pink button did not always get set correctly.
  • Fixed issue if using Quick Compose or Quick Reply, and pressed power button during sending, the QC / QR window would appear again after unlock (even though message was sent).
  • Fixed the smiley that was appearing in URLs starting with http://....
  • Fixed Cut&Paste menu not appearing for Firmware 3.1 users.
  • Fixed issue with "To:" label scrolling off the Quick Compose screen.
  • Added support for the app iSmart Dialer such that biteSMS is now called instead of the native Messaging application.
  • For FW 3.1.2 users, there is a firmware bug in that the data connection is established but not used in the first instance, this effects all applications, not just biteSMS. e.g. Turn off WiFi, put your phone to sleep for a few minutes, slide to unlock, and access the weather app, you'll see it cannot update, until you come out of the app and back in. For biteSMS this causes messages sent via the biteSMS network to timeout. We have added a workaround so this does not occur in biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply.

Version 4.3

31 August 2009
  • New feature that allows Quick Compose to be used in the lock screen mode - Nice!
  • Added support for "delivery receipt SMS notifications" using carrier prefix codes, e.g. #N9 (it's not proper SMS protocol level delivery receipts, it just asks your carrier - if supported, for an SMS notification upon delivery).

    For prefix codes see:
  • New Accents / Diacritics feature, whereby accent and diacritic characters are replaced with their equivalent non-special characters, e.g. á replaced with a. The intent is to maximize the number of characters you get when sending an SMS message.
  • Added a passcode feature to control access to biteSMS and native Messaging applications.
  • Added "Forward" feature in Cut&Paste menu on bubble double-tap inside the biteSMS application (SMS only, not MMS).
  • Added a heap more smileys :-)
  • Added a smiley setting to allow "Short Code" version of smileys to be used, e.g. :) instead of :-) to save on the number of SMS characters used.
  • Added smiley setting to allow encoding of smileys to be Emoji or ASCII.
  • When user enters the text field and it only contains a signature, the cursor will now be positioned before the signature (currently it's wherever the user touches).
  • The autocorrect feature now works correctly.
  • Added Mon, Tue, Wed...etc to the Settings, Carrier SMS Plan, Reset Counter feature for those on weekly plans.
  • Added a setting to allow the Quick Reply read / unread circle feature to be turned off.
  • Added a setting for Quick Reply to "Auto-Close" if set, when you press the Send button the window auto-closes.
  • Added a setting for Quick Compose to "Auto-Close" if set, when you press the Send button the window auto-closes.
  • Added a new nicer Favs icon for the Quick Compose window.
  • Updated the start-up image (default.png) displayed when biteSMS starts-up to include the settings icon as well.
  • Fixed Bug in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, where you entered text, lock, unlock and then the entered text was gone.
  • Fixed issue when using biteSMS sub-menu (from long-hold / double tap in text field) upon clicking back in text field, the cut&paste menu would be shown again.
  • Added a setting in Quick Compose called "Default Last To:", which defaults last entered contact into the "To" field.
  • Added a shadow effect in the Quick Compose and Quick Reply screens.
  • New pink send button in Quick Compose and Quick Reply screens.
  • Fixed iGo and Chopper from crashing when biteSMS installed.
  • Fixed issue, whereby upon first start-up of biteSMS after upgrade or install, it crashed due to other Mobile Substrate applications being active.

Note: For Firmware 2 users, although you’ll see a biteSMS update in Cydia as Release 4.3, functionally it’s exactly the same as biteSMS Release 3.2. In other words all the new biteSMS features shown above are only available for Firmware 3 users.

Version 4.2

31 July 2009
  • You can now display your contact pictures in the conversation list - Cool!
  • You can now configure a signature that will get appended when composing a message, just like in an email - Nice!
  • New feature, in settings called "Int'l use biteSMS". If set, then the send button will automatically switch to pink (biteSMS network) when composing an SMS to an international number(s).
  • Added a new setting Quick Reply "Marks as Read", to set the default Read state of a message in Quick Reply.
  • Quick Reply now displays and allows you to toggle between Read and Unread states.
  • In Quick Reply and the lock screen, smiley images are now displayed.
  • New feature for Italians on Vodafone's 100 SMS per day plans - In the "Carrier SMS Plan" settings group, in Reset Counter, we have added a new "Everyday" option.
  • The Italian and Polish language [send] button is now a little wider, such that the biteSMS character counter is displayed in it's entirety.
  • Added a new setting, ":) Keep Open", to control if the biteSMS smileys sub-menu is kept open after choosing a smiley (currently it always automatically closes).
  • If in Quick Reply or Quick Compose the sending process failed, and you retried, then the original failed message still appeared with a red ! in the application. Now fixed.
  • In Quick Compose a recipient blue bubble can now be deleted, without the need to highlight it, and also fixed some scrolling issues.
  • Quick Reply and Quick Compose now always increment the Message counter appropriately (including multi-part messages).
  • Upon slide-to-view with biteSMS already open, the appropriate conversation is now navigated to, as opposed to the last one you were in.
  • Fixed bug, for draft messages, the credits counter was incorrectly superimposed.
  • In the biteSMS application, we now limit the "vertical growth" of the text input field (to 7 lines), so that you can still click the bubble area to hide the keyboard.
  • Improved the start-up time of biteSMS so that it's as quick as the native Messaging application.
  • Reorganized the settings screen such that the Quick Reply features now have their own page.
  • Ensured that biteSMS can now co-exist with Cylay and Cyntact applications (first disable these using SBSettings, then start-up biteSMS, then enable them again).
  • In Quick Compose, both the recipient and text information is correctly passed across to biteSMS when you press [Open].
  • The "Carrier SMS Plan" -> "Auto-Switch Send" feature, will now correctly trigger in Quick Reply and Quick Compose (prior to this only triggered in the biteSMS application).
  • Fixed up Chinese language issue in Quick Compose (the To: recipients were disappearing).
  • When composing an MMS and the send button is pink, then the credit counter is no longer superimposed upon the MMS content.
  • Fixed up issue with the MMS Subject field causing the character counter to not count.
  • In Quick Reply, using the [Call] button will now correctly save the Read and Unread state.
  • In Quick Reply the keyboard will now always be transparent.

Note: For Firmware 2 users, although you’ll see a biteSMS update in Cydia as Release 4.2, functionally it’s exactly the same as biteSMS Release 3.2. In other words all the new biteSMS features shown above are only available for Firmware 3 users.

Version 4.1

8 July 2009
  • Added a new Close (X) icon in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, such that the [Call] option is now a permanent button.
  • The [Call] feature is now back in Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • You can now add smileys in Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • If typing a free format number in the Quick Compose "To:" field, you can now press the [Call] button without needing to press return first.
  • Quick Compose can now be called from most places, with or without headphones on, as long as the volume HUD appears (sometimes volume HUD does not show the Quick Compose text, but you can still press it). Also if a slider volume control appears, say directly in the iPod "Now Playing" tab, you still cannot call QC (you need to navigate to a screen where the volume HUD is shown).
  • In Quick Compose and Quick Reply, pressing the Home hardware button now closes the QC or QR window.
  • Added a Favorites icon in Quick Compose, to make it easier and quicker to locate your favorite contacts.
  • Quick Reply now works when opening from the lock-screen regardless of the time it takes you to unlock (intentionally only for a single pending message).
  • Quick Compose and Quick Reply now "carry across" any entered text if the [Open] button is used to start biteSMS.
  • Double tap (or long-hold) a message bubble now displays the exact timestamp of that message.
  • Added URL handling into biteSMS, such that pressing "Text Message" from inside applications such as Contacts, ABContacts, Groups etc (also phone number links) now calls biteSMS correctly with appropriate recipient numbers passed across.
  • When pressing the pink send button, and it's an MMS (so Group MMS as well), you'll be asked if you wish to send it via your carrier (so you don't need to manually change the send button from pink to blue).
  • Added missing image file, such that the iPhone search feature (spotlight) now displays an appropriate sized biteSMS icon.
  • Updated a number of language translations and added support for the Russian language.
  • Quick Switch setting now honored in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, and the default is ON if you already have credits.
  • Made the credits counter (e.g. 320 credits) now appear in the text field, instead of the scroll region.
  • Fixed issue, whereby (only sometimes) a smiley could cause a bubble to truncate the displayed text.
  • Fixed issue, whereby a long text would cause the Quick Reply window to overlap the keyboard.
  • Fixed issue, whereby in Landscape mode the biteSMS sub-menu that shows "Add Contact" and smileys allowed you to press the keyboard layer below.
  • If during Quick Compose you lock your phone, then unlock, the "To:" field is no longer cleared out.
  • Increased the data timeout when sending via the biteSMS network (as some iPhones using EDGE were experiencing timeout issues).

Note: For Firmware 2 users, although you’ll see a biteSMS update in Cydia as Release 4.1, functionally it’s exactly the same as biteSMS Release 3.2. In other words all the new biteSMS features shown above are only available for Firmware 3 users.

Version 4.0

18 June 2009

This release has got everything the built-in Messaging application has got!!!
  • Provides support for all the new Apple features; Full Landscape, 3G MMS, Multiple Forward / Delete, Cut & Paste and the Retry Sending feature.
  • Plus all these extra great features

For Firmware 2 users, although you’ll see a biteSMS update in Cydia as Release 4, functionally it’s exactly the same as biteSMS Release 3.2. In other words all the new biteSMS features shown above are only available for Firmware 3 users.

Note: Quick Call and Quick Forward/Delete a Message are currently not working, and will be fixed in the next release out in a few days...

Version 3.2

7 April 2009
  • Added a backgrounder feature directly into biteSMS (optional via settings) - so that it's much quicker!
  • Added Quick Compose feature (press volume-up) to allow you to compose an SMS from inside any application (except YouTube)!
  • In Quick Reply and Quick Compose, added a "Call" feature and an SMS counter.
  • General performance increases.
  • Fixed "Send via Carrier" so that it's as quick as the Apple one!!
  • When using the Chinese keyboard the suggestions / auto-correct overlay are no longer obscured.
  • Made the [Done] buttons blue like Apples, e.g. when you press [Edit] in the conversation list.
  • After deleting a message bubble, biteSMS will no longer scroll to the end of the conversation.
  • Where buttons slide up from the bottom of the screen ([Clear] button and Right Swipe on bubble) they are now spaced and colored as per Apple UI standards.
  • Fixed the bug whereby if you locked your iPhone while in the landscape mode of biteSMS, upon unlock it mangled the screen.
  • Rotation logic now the same as Safari (so that when your phone is upside down, it does not register this as a change in orientation).
  • Improved the Messages Sent reset feature to be more informative and clearer to understand.
  • Fixed issue, whereby sqlite multi-threading bug caused "Checking License..." to be performed multiple times (should only be checked once per install).
  • Now supports texting to short codes without adding the country code prefix (Send via Carrier).
  • Added support for "swipe to left" gesture (as well as the exiting "swipe to right") when in the conversation list to display the Delete button.
  • Settings icon now fades in / out as per the "compose new" pencil icon, for example when pressing [Edit].
  • Enhanced the biteSMS URL call to also allow data to be passed in, for example bitesms:+61418123456?body=Hi%20Mum

Version 3.1

26 February 2009
  • Added support for language translations in Quick Reply.
  • Quick Reply is much improved, including scrolling for long messages.
  • Added ability to long press the "Send" button in Quick Reply to switch between Carrier and biteSMS.
  • We now disable the Quick Reply "Send" button during the sending process.
  • Added new settings icon on the conversation list screen, and removed the little blue arrow settings icon.
  • Added new "About >" page on the settings screen, shows Version, License, Legal, Change Log, Features Help, Contacts (count), SMS Conversations (count) and Messages (count).
  • Fixed smileys layout issue (only a problem for certain language translations).
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you forward a text with a smiley it thinks it's an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you enter the ASCII for a smiley like :-) then rotate the screen, it thinks it's an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed the Settings->Privacy screen to automatically size the borders according to the help text (currently truncates the help text for some languages).
  • Added new feature to reset the Mobile Carrier sent messages counter on a given calendar day, or to manually set it.
  • Added support for calls from other applications to biteSMS via the protocol "bitesms:number1,number2,number3 etc", so that applications such as ABContacts or other Group type applications can now call biteSMS and specify multiple numbers.
  • Fixed up bubble width to be like the native Apple SMS application for short multi-line texts.
  • Added a "Smileys" setting to control if Smiley images should be shown instead of ASCII characters.
  • Fixed up various bugs and minor enhancements raised in the Version 3.1 (beta1) release (Quick Reply blurred text / scroll bar / edgy corners with artifacts) + (auto-correct settings not displaying) + (Compose New animation now like Apple one) + (Features Help / Change Log have larger font and display a busy loading indicator) + (improved settings icon and responsiveness and animation) + (Legal button pressed state display issue) + (business name now appears when choosing from contacts list) + (when adding multiple contacts to an SMS, the last location in the Contacts screen is now remembered).

Version 3.0

9 February 2009
  • Added Quick Reply! Now you can quickly reply to incoming SMS messages while your busy in other applications and without waiting for biteSMS to start-up.
  • Added Privacy feature, allowing control over whether the Name, Text and Preview window is shown for incoming SMS messages.
  • Much faster matching of contacts, especially for those users with very large Contact databases (+5000 contacts) - Yippee!
  • Quicker display of a conversation thread, especially where the conversation contained thousands of SMS messages.
  • Added auto-correction in settings page per active language, so when you switch keyboards the auto-correction setting for that language will take effect, both in biteSMS and Quick Reply - neat!
  • Added additional Smileys, and made them more quickly accessible.
  • Added the sub-menu (right-swipe in text box) showing "Add My Location" and Smileys to the Landscape mode screen.
  • When sending an SMS, you can now press the Power or Home keys and it will be sent as expected, without needing to wait for the "sending...." process to complete.
  • Added functionality such that the Intelliscreen "Launch SMS" feature now works with biteSMS.
  • Reorganized the settings screen and updated text, so that the settings are easier to understand.
  • Added an End User License Agreement into biteSMS, which only needs to be acknowledged once.
  • When you install this version of biteSMS you automatically get a free trial license for 20 days. Then, you can either buy credits which include a license for 12 months, or instead buy a full license, which does not expire. See for further details.
  • For a quick preview of all the great features in biteSMS please visit and click the "lots of features" link in the first sentence.

Version 2.7

17 December 2008
  • Smileys... simply left/right swipe in text box to bring up a link to Smileys (Firmware 2.2 only will show this Smileys link).
  • Credits are now linked to the iPhone deviceID instead of the SIM, thus preventing lost credits when a SIM is changed.
  • The "Send via..." button can now be switched even if it's not active (currently you need a recipient and some text).
  • The "Messages" button now remains active while a message is being sent, thus allowing the user to navigate out and continue to work.
  • Fixed bug, whereby contacts with only a Company name did not display the company name.
  • Broadened the URL matching for incoming SMS messages (to open Safari), e.g.

Version 2.6

24 November 2008
  • Now compatible with Apple firmware 2.2.
  • Removed the settings control for autocorrection, because Apple provides it as a general keyboard setting in firmware 2.2.
  • Added a setting control to disable landscape mode.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Now recognises both HTTP and HTTPS links in messages.

Version 2.5

6 November 2008
  • You can now compose messages in Landscape mode!!
  • Ability to insert a contact name & number or email address when composing an SMS – just right swipe in the message text box (not supported in landscape mode).
  • Ability to insert your current GPS location coordinates when composing an SMS – just right swipe in the message text box (not supported in landscape mode).
  • For incoming SMS messages that contain an http url, now allows user to open up Safari, YouTube or Google Maps.
  • Faster navigation from "Text Messages" view to specific message conversation.
  • Compliance with Cydia Mobile Substrate framework for registering of dylibs (now a Cydia prerequisite).
  • Unify status bar color (containing character counter and credit / message indicator).
  • Upon pressing "Send..." keyboard reverts to normal mode (if currently in numbers / special symbols mode) as per Apple SMS application.
  • Mobile numbers are sorted above others in the contacts list when choosing a contact while composing a new message.

Version 2.4

7 October 2008
  • Fixed the bug whereby the auto-correct suggestion bubble was sometimes obscured.
  • For performance and usability benefits, we now only show the last 50 messages (like Apple do) in a conversation thread and allow the user to view older ones via the "Show Earlier Messages" button.
  • When searching directly by typing the contacts name, then special accent type characters are now displayed and matched appropriately.
  • Added support for the automatic saving of draft text, which is fully interoperable with the Apple SMS application.
  • For voice mail type SMS messages (referred to as Flash SMS) these are now correctly marked as read once viewed.
  • Fuzzy font issues for German users now fixed, and generally text and widgets are now a little crisper.
  • When sending group SMS messages, we now only (correctly) show a single conversation bubble and not multiple ones.
  • Fixed issue whereby the "+" icon for new messages was obscured after more than 3 lines of recipients were chosen.

Version 2.3

15 September 2008
  • Now compatible with Apple firmware 2.1.
  • If biteSMS is configured as the default app, the Contacts 'Text Message' button will now open biteSMS.
  • The auto-correct feature can now be toggled on/off via the biteSMS settings page (defaults to ON).
  • Auto-correct now honoured when the Send button is pressed.

Version 2.2

4 September 2008
  • Improved performance when biteSMS starts up.
  • Matching of SMS numbers against Contacts now includes Country Code/IDD/NDD logic, so matching is much improved.
  • Fixed up issues (slow-sending and timeout) with the "Send via Carrier" feature (impacted some 3G iPhones).
  • Proxy support (!!!) – now honors proxy settings (e.g. Cydia TZones Proxy Hack for T-Mobile USA).
  • Improved (again) the rendering of (new only) conversation bubbles, such that text should no longer be truncated or squashed and always be inside the bubble.
  • In the conversation window, the button labelled "Messages" will now also denote the number of unread SMS messages (if any), e.g. "Messages(2)".
  • When displaying date/times, the locale settings are now taken into consideration.
  • Keyboard now displayed when doing a search in the "All Contacts" search screen (Apple have added a little magnifier widget in this window for searching).

Version 2.1

19 August 2008
  • As per the Apple SMS application, biteSMS now provides the [Add to Contacts] feature.
  • Fixed up truncation of long SMS conversations when displayed in the conversation bubbles.
  • Improved the rendering of conversation bubbles, such that text does not appear squashed.
  • When composing, we now hide the keyboard if you tap above the compose text box. This lets you have a better look at the conversation.
  • Fixed issue whereby some users would be presented with a white screen and biteSMS would not start properly.

Version 2.0

12 August 2008

The first fully functional biteSMS for firmware 2.0!

  • Ability to make biteSMS the default SMS application (configured via biteSMS settings page, defaults to OFF).

    This controls the following characteristics:

    • If ON, when clicking to Reply to an incoming SMS alert, you'll be taken into biteSMS instead of the Apple SMS application.
    • If ON, the badge that denotes how many SMS's are unread will be shown against the biteSMS icon instead of the Apple SMS icon.
    • ON or OFF, incoming SMS messages containing biteSMS credits are handled in a more user friendly fashion.
  • Fixed the issue, whereby if an error was displayed during the sending of an SMS, then it would exit back to the Home screen.
  • Improved matching of incoming SMS numbers against Contacts.
  • For an unread SMS, upon starting biteSMS you will be taken directly to this SMS conversation (just like the Apple SMS app).

Version 1.50

5 August 2008
  • First version that runs on the new iPhone Firmware 2.0!
  • Functionally this is the same as the previous biteSMS 1.20 release (for Firmware 1.1.n), with the exception that biteSMS cannot be made the default SMS application for incoming SMS messages (hopefully this will be added later this week).

For iPhone firmware versions 1.1.1 to 1.1.4

Version 1.20

29 July 2008
  • Improved the biteSMS network protocol to prevent duplicate sending of messages.
  • Now allows sending via biteSMS with no SIM (via wireless connection).

Version 1.19

11 July 2008
  • Improved performance when rendering screens and scrolling.
  • Added Danish and Spanish language translations.
  • Switch between biteSMS and Mobile Carrier: simply hold the send button for a few seconds.

Version 1.18

3 July 2008
  • Ability to Restore Lost Credits.
  • Multiple SIMs now supported (as credits are linked to a SIM).
  • Right swiping an existing message bubble now allows Delete as well as Forward.

Version 1.17

23 June 2008
  • Traditional Chinese language support.
  • Fixed Send via Carrier character encoding.
  • Better error handling during the Sending process.

Version 1.16

16 June 2008
  • Added Italian and Dutch language translations.
  • The SMS counter now shows the total credits required to send your entered text. Prior to this version, the counter did not consider multiple recipients. So in effect, it's now a "Credit Counter" and not an "SMS Counter".

Version 1.15

2 June 2008
  • Added French and German language translations.
  • Changed display order of SMSs to match that of the native SMS app.
  • Fixed bug where credit voucher SMS was not accredited correctly.
  • Fixed bug where SMS text containing '>' and '<' could cause biteSMS to exit.

Version 1.14

27 May 2008
  • Message forwarding: right swipe an existing message bubble to forward it.
  • Improved scrolling of text field when entering or editing a message.
  • Ensure that autocorrection word is always visible.
  • Support credit voucher delivery to China.
  • Provide Cydia install.
  • Changed 3 retries to 2 when sending via biteSMS, and improve information text.

Version 1.12

20 May 2008
  • Added a character counter.
  • Improved uninstall so it doesn't cause SpringBoard to crash.