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Installing for iPhone firmware 2.0 and higher

To install biteSMS, you need an iPhone with Cydia installed. Then, from the iPhone home page, you only need a few taps:

Tap "Cydia" to start it:


Tap the "Sections" button:


Scroll down to the "Messaging" section and tap it:


Tap "biteSMS":


Tap the "Install" button:


And finally tap the "Confirm" button:


You now have biteSMS installed, and can start using it straight away as a fully featured SMS application.

Cheaper SMS Messages

The great advantage of biteSMS is its cheap rates. To take advantage of these rates, you need to buy credits and then configure sending SMS messages via the biteSMS network instead of via your mobile carrier.

To see how SMS messages are sent, look at the send button in the biteSMS app. It will say either "Send via Carrier" or "Send via biteSMS".

You can quickly switch between these by holding down the send button until it flashes:

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