Auto Text Message Forwarding iPhone

On your iPhone, Go to Settings/Messages and select Text Message Forwarding. A device list will be displayed that are connected to your Apple ID. Check-mark (or select) all the ones you want text messages forwarded to. You will receive a six-digit code, which you'll be instructed to enter on your computer.

How to Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Phone

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Automatic Forward SMS
Scheduled SMS iPhone's that easy.

biteSMS is for you, with lots of extra features i.e. Auto Forward Text Messages like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures, Delayed Sending, BiteSMS Themes and much more!

Quick Reply: Whatever you're doing, browsing the web, playing a game or listening to music, with Quick Reply you can quickly reply to incoming text messages without quitting the app you are using. More...

Quick Compose: Whatever you're doing, browsing the web, playing a game or listening to music, with Quick Compose you can easily compose a new text message without quitting the app you are using. More...

Notification Privacy: Using Notification Privacy you can hide the sender identity or text of an incoming message, so people can't see them at a glance. More...

Auto-Forward: Easily Auto-Forward received SMS messages to another mobile phone number, or Auto-Forward received iMessages to another Apple device. More...

Schedules: You can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date, either as a one-off, or repeatedly, for example a birthday greeting. More...

Quick Pick Smileys, Templates & Contacts: So easy to insert Smileys, short snippets of text and even contact details from your address book. More...

Signatures: Personalize your messages, add a signature! More...

More Features

Delay Sending: Ever started to send a message and wished you could cancel it? More...

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Contact Pics: Nice! More..

Notification Opt Out: Allows you to 'opt out' of receiving notification alerts for one or more contacts (so when a message is received no notification vibrate, sound, alert or badge is shown). More...

Message Alerts Toggle:Pull up the control center to easily access the biteSMS Message Alert toggle. More...

Save Money!: As well as all the great features above, here's a few more to help save you money. More...