License not working?

Before e-mailing biteSMS, Please try biteSMS > Settings > About > Reset All.

If that does not work, try biteSMS, Settings, Recover

Does biteSMS work on iOS 7?

Yes, using the evasi0n Jailbreak and biteSMS Release 8.0, currently on beta. See forum for beta installation details.

Whenever some one texts me I only get the icon in status bar. No notifications please help!

See Control Center (pull up Apple feature), check the Message Alert toggle is ON.

Is Jailbreaking your iPhone legal?

Yes it is!

After a win by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), jailbreaking your iPhone is now explicitly a permitted fair use under the DMCA, so jailbreaking is now unambiguously legal!

See article

Is there a list of Features anywhere?

Yes, click here

This information can also be accessed inside biteSMS, Settings, About, Features Help

I want to develop a theme for biteSMS

If you are interested in developing a theme for the biteSMS app, Quick Compose and Quick Reply, then start here.

Tweaks that have compatibility issues with biteSMS or cause crashes!

biteSMS would love to work hand in hand with all tweaks, but with regular up-dates to most apps, it's almost impossible to keep up.

Here's a list of apps with known compatibility issues in iOS 7.

     - Bright

     - CleverPin

     - Cydget

     - Flagpaint7

     - iCallAnnounce

     - JellyLock 7

     - LockHTML3

     - MultitaskingGestures

     - Springtimize

     - SubtleLock

     - Swipe

     - tsProtector

Simply uninstall if you have one of these apps and see first if it solves your issue.

Keeps checking license / crashes on startup / forgot password

Looks like a file permission issue.

Install iFile from Cydia, then delete (right swipe) the following files and directories:




FAQ does not help me

Please email us again.

You must put the subject as "NOT FAQ" otherwise you'll just get the auto-reply message again!