Advantages of SMS Marketing

By Bitesms Team
Advantages of SMS Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most effective marketing strategies available. With over 5 billion people using mobile devices globally, it only makes sense that SMS can reach more people than any other form of marketing. A short message can simply be sent to or from any mobile phone. With over 70 percent of global mobile users using smart devices, smartphones can get in touch with people via display text, images, and videos. Whereas other devices may only be able to display text content. Among the many advantages of SMS marketing, these are 5 of the key ones to consider:

SMS Marketing advantages

1. Instant Delivery

SMS is one of the most reliable means of message delivery. The message sent is instantly delivered to the intended person. There is no chance that the message may be read by the wrong party, unless you have the incorrect number. There is also no need to wait for days or months for the message to be delivered. This means of direct and instant marketing is effective in delivering opt-in messages and urgent messages.

2. Cost Effective

SMS marketing is more cost effective than the other traditional methods of marketing. The cost of sending an SMS is almost negligible when sending bulk SMS. However, the response to direct messages is high as compared to the other means of marketing. According to research, SMS marketing offers about a 1600% return on investment.

3. Brand Reinforcement

SMS marketing is not all about selling goods and services. One of the most effective ways of using SMS marketing is creating a relationship with your customers. SMS marketing can be used to educate customers on products, give promotional offers, and deliver customer support. Such services help in brand reinforcement and popularization. You can use SMS marketing to let people know about your brand or appreciate your brand due to the quality of services offered.

SMS marketing

5. High Rate Of Customer Engagement

If you are looking for an effective way of communicating with your customers try SMS marketing. SMS marketing is the most reliable means of customer engagement. No effort is needed by the customer to respond to a message that requires their feedback. Most people have access to their phones throughout the day. It is easy for them to respond to the SMS other than responding to an email or an online survey.

SMS marketing is one of the profitable marketing tools today. It does not only offer access to a wide market but it is also cost effective. With SMS marketing, you can communicate with your customers on a regular basis and enhance your brand popularity. There are many advantages of SMS marketing. All you need is to find a reliable SMS marketing firm that will offer you bulk SMS packages at an affordable rate to get your campaign started.

4. Fewer Personal Details Required

While SMS marketing gives you chance to communicate with customers at a personal level, you do not require too many personal details to fulfill your duty. Unlike email or any other means of direct communication, all you need is the client’s phone number to start communication. Most people do not like the process of filling personal information on websites. This makes SMS marketing more attractive and effective.


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