SMS Message vs Ringless Voicemail (Ultimate Guide)

By Bitesms Team
SMS Message vs Ringless Voicemail

It is no secret that Bulk SMS marketing can be a highly potent tool for customer generation, press releases, announcements, and data collection. With its high rate of conversion, SMS Marketing comes with some legal risks, and defaulters face a huge fine of $43,000.

A new system known as Ringless voicemail drops is the latest innovation and it has slowly been taking the place of mass text messaging services. They are highly effective, have a high listening rate, and always have a good legal status. Based on this latest innovation, Bitesms has been able to build an all-inclusive system that incorporates SMS autoresponder and both to voicemail.

Ringless Voicemail vs SMS Message

What is Ringless Voicemail?

You might be asking what a Ringless voicemail is all about. Well, Ringless voicemails are pre-recorded messages sent to individual mobile voicemail systems. It is majorly used for lead generation, press release, or even as a gateway to a landing page.

Ringless Voicemail Drops Benefits

Ringless voicemail marketing is highly effective in a way that is beyond every other related service providers. It has no legal restrictions or risks, and poses a big threat and challenge to text message marketing services.

Its benefits are as follows:

• It is legal in 49 states

• It has a 97% listening rate on average.

• There is a 20% average return call rate among the subscribers.

• It does not intrude into one’s privacy.

• It offers a gateway to SMS Autoresponder

• It is highly Cost-effective

• It offers delivery to 16 countries

What is SMS Autoresponder?

Sms autoresponder is an inbuilt technology configured to handle and respond to each and every incoming text message with the right responses based on keyword triggers. This automated text message will increase the efficiency rate and the response to customers inquiries as soon as they come in.

SMS message and ringless voicemail

SMS Terminology

SMS Blast (Text Blast)

What is an SMS Blast?

When a corporation or company sends out announcements or marketing information via bulk SMS form, it is called SMS BLAST.

SMS Gateway
What is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS Gateway is a computer system that allows one to send SMS derived via telecommunications service providers.

SMS Group

What is an SMS Group?

An SMS group consists of specific groups who are recipients of messages sent from an SMS platform.

Mass Text Messaging

What is Mass Text Messaging?

When a message is sent to more than three or more individuals at a time, it is called Mass text. It is very common among businesses as they use it for lead generations and SMS alerts.

SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a system used to generate interest over text messaging.

Methods of Bite SMS Lead Generation


Ringless Voicemail Drop: “Hello, I am Kevin. I offer free life insurance quotes. If you will like to save some hundreds of dollars, please call or text this number back “

Recipient Texts: Hi Kevin, I will like you to provide me a quote.

Key Words Kevin Set Up: Quote, Cost, Payment,Coverage

Kevin’s Automatic Text Response: “Thank you for requesting a hassle free quote for Bite SMS Life Insurance. Please fill out this form to receive your quote. Thanks ( URL GOES HERE)

Kevin’s Website URL took customers to fill out a form so he can provide them with a quote for life insurance.

SMS Service

For you to legally use bulk SMS services, you are supposed to have a double opt-in from every recipient or subscriber. Even though the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) doesn’t particularly say that this is essential, it is the surest and certain way to save yourself from litigation.

How Does A Double Opt-In Look Like?

Double Opt-In refers to when a user or customer sends a text message to a different number, and the system confirms that the customer is subscribing for a recurring text message service program.

Despite the fact that companies are not lawfully authorized to double opt on their customers, it is a secured means to attest that all recipients were lawfully acquired in the eventuality of legal action.

What is SMS?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a system that allows you to send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters per page. When it comes to the best messaging platforms, you will be able to send and receive a text from any device or computer.

Can An  SMS Be Sent Online?

Of course, you can send SMS online. There are various platforms or mediums that offer online bulk messaging services. At Bite SMS, we take it steps further by implementing a system that allows text autoresponder.

One thing about SMS blast is that they come with a degree of uncertainty, notwithstanding, they are highly effective for marketing purposes. Based on your quest and desire for top-notch services, I will advise you to adopt Bite SMS ringless voicemails If you’re looking to become a text marketer.

Another thing you must understand is that SMS service providers will always cause you to rigmarole through hoops and various security measures to ensure that you do not come short of the laws regarding spamming. When it comes to this, Bite SMS allows you to send a bulk voicemail in a matter of minutes.


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